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“The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” is revealed within a new movie trailer. The sequel to “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” is going to be released on February 8, 2019, in the cinema.

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The Lego Movie 2 Free Download

CINEMA – Five years following the first block of success, the sequel to “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Movie Download” returns to place them within the spotlight within a second trailer, unveiled on November 20. Within this new adventure, Duplo invaders – straight from space – disrupt the quiet life of Bricksburg residents. On the way, they kidnap Lucy, that Emmett is decided to save aliens. Embroidered in dangerous missions, the small heroes will explore the galaxy to defeat their enemies and restore peace within the Lego universe.These images show a cartoon animated halfway between “Mad Max” and “The Guardians from the Galaxy.” A final reference incidentally innocuous, whenever we realize that Chris Pratt- lead director of “Guardians from the Galaxy” – double two characters (including Emmet) within the original version of “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part”. Directed by Mike Mitchell, the film is expected on February 20, 2019, on theaters screens.

The 2nd trailer from the The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part¬† was unveiled immediately by Warner, and when the sequel towards the Big Adventure Lego features a new director ( Mike Mitchell, veteran from the animation who signed the excellent movie super -Heroes The great School with Kurt Russell or Alvin and also the Chipmunks 3 ), Phil Lord and Chris Miller continue to be in production. Which trailer promises the respect from the specifications utterly insane from the first film, with Batman and filled with focus cameos, plus an alien threat at a restaurant. For your story, in VO, Chris Pratt now has two roles, that Emmett the hero just a little silly which from the new space hero Rex Dangervest, “defender from the galaxy” and “raptors trainer.” Might you have it? Otherwise, we have been still waiting to select the appearance from the Lego version of Harley Quinn, which is doubled by Margot Robbie, its performer in Suicide Squad and also the future Birds of Prey ( that has just had a brand new title funny enough). The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is going to be released on February 8th.

Everything is not so excellent in Bricksburg because the famous Tuesday of Tacos that had left the town inverted in late The best Adventure Lego. The 2nd installment from the animated film occurs five years as soon as the events in the first and sees Emmett, Lucy all the things their band confronting invaders of space. As are visible this first trailer, nothing generally seems to upset the cheerfulness in the friendly Emmet, not the Mad-Maxienne atmosphere of his world that produces life gloomy and survival paramount. The new episode will transport our heroes additional spaces, beyond the realms they crossed inside the first installment, ” where no brick has have you been before.” The ability for that little yellow character to get brave again despite his legendary naivety and clumsiness.

Chris McKay, director of Lego Batman, had unveiled inside a podcast that feature film could be ” a musical in space.” And we are generally not all our surprises. If Phil Lord and Chris Miller gave the controllers on this sequel to Mike Mitchell ( The Trolls ), they were doing, however, scriptwriting, which will guarantee us a new opus as funny because the first. Help you in theaters on February 8, 2019.